Saturday, 23 June 2007

Quote for today

Not much time today - I'm still working on the introduction which has, since the last post, progressed a little but is now way behind schedule. Supervisor, whose whip-cracking is a constant background noise to me, will not be pleased.

While researching one of my other chapters I came across a description in Conrad Russell's book, Parliaments and English Politics 1621-1629, of the reaction in Parliament when the King did not respond to a parliamentary petition as they had expected that I thought I'd share with you:

"Digges proposed to sit in silence, since they were so miserable they did not know what to do, and Seymour, seconding him, suggested that the silence should be confirmed by order" (1979, p.378).

I like the way it's written - it almost reads like a novel, doesn't it? It made such an impression on me in the writing style and the description of the Members of Parliament that I've stuck it to the wall over my desk. Perhaps it's because it conveys the mood of the moment so well. Perhaps it's because I see some profound advice here somewhere...

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