Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Well, the thesis is in. Submitted. Possibly winging its way to the examiners. Possibly sitting on a shelf at student registry waiting for someone to remember to post it. Either way, it's in. It's too late now. There's nothing I can do about it.

Despite this, my mind keeps drifting onto things I could and should have done about it before I submitted it. Things missing from the bibliography; things I should have introduced / concluded more coherently; ways to go about things that would have made it more interesting, clearer, better. But it's too late now.

I am going away for a for days at the end of the week. A few days with my family during which I don't have to feel guilty about being there and working. Or being there and not working. I am looking forward to that. And, I have to change trains in the city where ThePhDLitChick lives, so we're going to catch up over coffee and brunch too, which will be lovely.

Also, I've started reading a novel. For fun. It's not a high brow literary novel. But it is by a modern author whose writing I enjoy a great deal. A real page turner. And I can read it without guilt. Wow. What a feeling.

This freedom, I fear, will not last long. The university semester is about to begin and I am teaching two different classes. There is much preparation to do. But maybe not today. Not quite yet...


ThePhDLitChick said...

Relaxing, guilt-free family visits, coffee/brunch with friends and similarly guilt-free, non-academic, non essential reading....well done! Well done for reaching the end!

Sarah Sometimes said...