Wednesday, 22 August 2007

9 days to go...

Well, the title says it really. I have 9 days until PhD submission day. It's weird, in the earlier stages of PhD writing, you never imagine you'll actually be counting down in days to submission. I wasn't even counting in weeks and then all of a sudden, I'm at days. DAYS.

Wish me luck!

OH, and BIG congratulations to ThePhDLitChick on securing funding for this year. You absolutely deserve it.


ThePhDLitChick said...

Just think...9 days and you can have a lie in and then follow that up with doing nothing!
Thanks for the congrats - I'm over the moon!

ThePhDLitChick said...

I suspect you're done now, you're free! Congratulations! Sending you my most relaxing, happy thoughts! x