Friday, 7 March 2008

At last

This is a very quick post. More soon on my trip down south and those with whom I shared train carriages. For now though, just a quick post to say I've finally got an internet connection at home! Hurrah!

This might mean more posts. This might mean more time wasted on the internet. It certainly will not mean that I am now available to my students 24/7 (I have come to enjoy not being able to deal with their emails over the weekend and, although I will respond to urgent ones, I don't intend to go back to letting students decide when my teaching-work hours are). I will, however, feel less nervous about working at home because I'll have library and internet search facilities at my finger tips. We take these things for granted when we have them, and when we don't, it's a bit scary!

It has been a long day so I'm going to call that it for now. Now I've got it, I might just switch off my connection again for tonight...

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