Friday, 14 March 2008

Little Dogs

It's hard to check your email with a dog on your knee.

And I'm discovering that it's even harder to write a blog post.

You see, at the moment my Little Dog spends most of the week at Supermum's house and usually the weekend at mine, although I haven't had her for a while what with reunion dinners and interviews down South. And when she's with me, she likes to be with me. She likes me to sit in the same spot so that she can comfortably go to sleep without fear of me not being there when she wakes up. And she likes to sit on my lap at all available opportunities. Usually, this would be on the floor - she likes to curl up on my legs if I sit crossed legged. I don't allow her on the bed or on the sofa - not that she takes any notice of this rule when I am not in the flat (or indeed in the room). But it seems today I'm not allowed to sit at my desk without company either. She has done this before when she was much smaller, and actually clicked send on an email I hadn't finished writing. Luckily, my employer to whom I was writing had cats and understood the problem when I sent the second part of the email with explanation.

You do have to understand though, when I say my Little Dog, she is not a lap dog. She's a mixed breed border collie sized dog. She was little when I got her and she still thinks she is. Hence, I'm typing a post with the (not so) Little Dog sitting on my knee...

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