Monday, 5 November 2007


Well, I'm still not moved into my new flat, although everyone is doing their very, very best to speed up the process. Shouldn't be long now!

Meanwhile, I've been staying in a B&B during the week, and a hotel when the B&B was full. The hotel was more convenient in many ways - a place to get food in the evening, a desk in the bedroom (have you ever tried to read a Norton Anthology of any kind without an armchair, or a table?), a bigger bathroom, and a wider breakfast choice - and although it wasn't as friendly as the B&B, I decided to stay there again this week. I booked through the same website as last time, although I seem to have been charged very slightly more this time (and it is more than the B&B either way), but for all of the conveniences list above, I didn't mind that too much. Until I got there.

The room was of a much poorer quality this time - much smaller, darker, noisier, tiny, tiny bathroom (see point above about previous bathroom convenience) with peeling wallpaper. Nice. That's several of the reasons to choose this over the friendly B&B blown, isn't it?

That will teach me.

My SuperMum - who very kindly brought me over here - asked at reception if they would change the room. After a little debate they did, and the one I have been moved to is better. Nowhere near as good as last time, but better.

I wonder if they do this to all guests. Draw them in with shiny rooms with big bathrooms (with doors that close, and showers over baths rather than little cubicles), make them think it's value for money, and then, when they've recommended it to others and re-booked, put them in the tiny room with peeling wallpaper and the TV with the dodgy aerial that can only show one channel at a time.

Well, the replacement is not quite so yucky. TV works, and there is an overhead light, and more than a foot square to turn around in. And if it weren't worse than the last room they gave me, more expensive than the very nice B&B, and more expensive than the last time I stayed here, I guess I wouldn't mind it so much. Still, I won't be booking in to this hotel again unless it's an emergency, I won't be ticking the value for money back on the feedback sheet and I certainly won't be recommending it anymore. It's a small stand, but I'm taking it.

That will teach them.


Gary said...

Don't give up quite so easily: you can typically ask for a specific room, i.e., the one you stayed in in a prior visit, upon making your reservations. Many places, though it can sometimes take a little bit of coercing, will comply. So, if you had to stay again, just give them your last room number (the good one) and if they hassle you, say, same or better or I'll book elsewhere.

I can't say that will work everytime, but I've had luck with it in the past. Good luck with your new flat. PS, that'll work on prices, too, at least, during off peak season.

Autumn Song said...

Good advice - thank you. I'd probably have given up immediately if mum hadn't been there. I must be more assertive!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you!. Derrida leaves me scratching my head. My son, who achieved a minor degree in philosophy to go with his major in music, had to write a paper on Derrida. I helped him gather information from my "big city library" because the little library at the mountain university he was attending was low on any such writings. That was about ten years ago. It probably has good Internet research now. Next time you do this "pen driven lecture" on deconstruction, take a picture of the board and post it!. I would really love to see it!.

Autumn Song said...

Oh gosh; strangely, although I'm fairly confident that it's right, I'm not sure I'm sufficiently confident it's right to post it on the blog! I'll think about it, though. Thank you for your comment.