Friday, 5 December 2008

Philosophical conversation.

Yesterday morning, I arrived on campus much earlier than I need to for work in the Philosophy Department office. I stopped off at the coffee shop to buy coffee and a pastry, and then took both to my office 45 minutes before work start time, so that I could finish a task for a small job that I didn't list in my earlier post, and that should have been done some time ago. If I'm honest, I had just forgotten about it. So here is the conversation that I had in the corridor outside my office with a member of the academic staff in Philosophy.

Philosopher: You're in early!

Me: No, I'm not really here.

Philosopher: Ah, Ok. I haven't really seen you.

And I ducked into my office, and he continued down the corridor.

This struck me as particularly appropriate conversation to have in a Philosophy Department corridor at 8.15am.

I'm not even here now, actually...

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The Shrink of Virtue said...

hahaha oh that did make me laugh :-D