Saturday, 11 August 2007

Absolute monarchy...

I finally got rid of the chapter I've been working on last night - well, I finished rewriting it (although getting rid of it has been tempting for most of the week!). It's taken far too long, but I'm hoping it was worth the time. To give myself a little break today, but still do something useful, I've been collating my bibliographies of primary texts (at the moment I have separate bibliographies for each chapter but not one for the whole thesis) and making sure it has all of the necessary information for each entry. I was struck by the all-encompassing implications of the title of this text:

Mocket, Richard 1615 God and the King: or a dialogue shewing that our soveraigne Lord King James, being immediate under God within his dominions, doth rightfully claim whatsoever is required by the Oath of Allegeance.

Ah, absolute monarchy. You'd never get away with that these days!

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