Sunday, 5 August 2007

One veggie burger and a steak sandwich

After another productive morning at the NLS yesterday, I met The Accountant for lunch. he's not my Accountant (financially or romantically) but he is my 'plus one' for parties, weddings, etc, when I don't have a boyfriend. The Accountant and I go back about nine years now - he was in the same Halls of Residence as me in the first year of our undergrad studies.

There was, briefly, the possibility of romance the first time he was my 'plus one' to a school reunion Ball. We - well, OK, he - decided it wouldn't work out between us. He said he's a bad boyfriend and liked me too much to screw up our friendship by a bad break up. I have my suspicions that he isn't as bad a boyfriend as he claims, and he just uses that as an excuse to maintain his very quiet, 'don't rock the boat' life [of the Will Young song 'If I lose the highs at least I'm spared the lows' sort of life]. But still, as reasons for not dating someone go, that's one of the nicer ones. (But no, to any men reading this, it is not a get out of gaol free card.)

Now The Accountant and I have an imaginary 'line' drawn between us. There's laughing, flirting, mickey-taking (chemistry, in short), but 'the line' is never crossed. Flirting is safe, because nothing will come of it - and we all know that it's important to keep the flirt muscles exercised! And we don't look like we brought a friend to a function because we couldn't get a date; slow dancing isn't awkward (OK, maybe in that respect sometimes we kick sand over 'the line'...).

As a friendship, it's great. As each other's 'plus one' it works. But when I think about it, I guess he's right - we wouldn't work as a couple. We are very different people. Perhaps too different for a long term relationship: I like pets; The Accountant doesn't want the responsibility. I like to be around people; The Accountant doesn't.

Lunch restaurant waitress: Are you ready to order?

Me: Yes, I'd like the veggie burger, please.

The Accountant: And I'll have the steak sandwich.


Anonymous said...

Ok so you look after the pets and he cooks his own meaty meals... sorted!! Stranger things have happened and the best kind of relationships come from the friendship you describe... never say never! xx

Autumn Song said...

I'm afraid, as with most of the men I know, we also have different and irreconcilable plans for the future...

Anonymous said...

argh not another one who doesn't want to get married whats wrong with them all??